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Discover Your New Workplace

Sankt Annæ Plads, Copenhagen

10 Years ago 6 employees moved into Better Collective's first HQ in a historic warehouse right next to scenic Nyhavn. 

We have since then grown tremendously and now count 140+ employees in our HQ. We outgrew our office and on August 1st, 2023, we left our comfortable surroundings and moved into this iconic building located on Sankt Annæ Plads, Copenhagen - the beginning of a new era for Better Collective.

Meet the Team

For people that love sports, working at Better Collective is an opportunity to work on something you are passionate about and make work purposeful and fun. For those not into sports, a strong sense of sportsmanship is woven into the organization and our core values; creating a collaborative, supportive, and fun environment. Our people and culture make our products.

Magic happens when people can work with excellent colleagues and build things that matter. Our team of talents is diverse, inclusive, empowered, enterprising, and daring, and we recognize ourselves as a high-performance team. We can’t field a soccer team with 11 goalies. So regardless of your interests, if you enjoy working with kind, smart, friendly, and supportive people, this place is for you.


At Better Collective, we value our employees and consider them to be our most valuable asset. We are dedicated to supporting them fully by offering assistance, resources, and opportunities to help them reach their highest potential.

Like being social? Awesome, there will be plenty of opportunity to be so as you can join our Friday Bars, board game club, football team or dance the night away at our annual parties, such as our birthday party, summer trip or christmas party.

Better Social

Enjoy socializing? Join our Friday Bars, board game club, creative club, football team, or annual parties like our birthday, summer trip, or Christmas party.

Our employees are eligible for fully paid 25 days off per year in accordance to the danish holiday act. On top of that they get 5 extra holidays, which goes by the name Better Days.

Better Days

Employees receive 25 fully paid days off per year in accordance with the Danish holiday act, plus 5 extra holidays which we call "Better Days."

We have an awesome team of in-house chefs who spoil us with delicious food from morning to afternoon. In addition, our office is filled to the brim with delicious, healthy treats you can dive into all day.

Better lunch

Our in-house chefs delight us with delicious meals from morning to afternoon, and our office is stocked with a variety of delicious, healthy treats available throughout the day.

9 to 5 is great for some, but for others, something else might work. To us, what really matters is a well-balanced work-life relationship. That’s why we encourage our employees to structure their work in a way so they’re most motivated and can maximise their performance.

Better flexible

For some, the 9 to 5 routine works well, but we value a balanced work-life relationship above all. That's why we empower our employees to structure their work in a way that optimizes their motivation and performance.

We value our employees health. That’s why we have an urban-like training room for all to use, so that we can maintain our physical and psychological well-being.

Better health

We value our employees health. That’s why we have a training room in the office for all to use.

We take huge pride in training and developing our employees, which is why we runningly conduct different in-house trainings, such as Project Management Training, Presentation Skills Training and Better leadership training.

Better learning

We take pride in training and developing our employees. That's why we regularly conduct in-house trainings, including Project Management, Presentation Skills, and Better Leadership.

How we hire

Depending on the role you’re applying for, the exact application process may vary - but this is what you can usually expect.

1st interview

You will meet with the hiring manager and possibly one of their team members for your first interview. They want to ensure that you are a suitable fit for both the job and the company. This interview will give you a better understanding of the job and Better Collective.

2nd interview

The 2nd interview will also be with the hiring manager, as well as an HR consultant. Before the interview, you will be asked to do a work style assessment that will be used as a dialogue tool for the interview. If it is a match, you will be offered a position. You are now ready to start!

A better start

Congratulations, you got the job! You'll receive a formal offer and HR will guide you through the employment process. We know that getting a good start at your new job is extremely important. Therefore, we have set up a thorough onboarding program to get you moving with your best foot forward.

Good to know

How should I prepare for the interview?

Please review the job description once more and explore Better Collective's other online platforms, such as our Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. Prepare your own questions to gain a better understanding of whether we're a good fit for each other.

What do you evaluate during the interviews?

We look for a potential long-term match during interviews. We'll assess you on passion, drive, past experience and the willingness to take ownership. We look to add owners and change-makers who grow based on 'learning-while-doing', to the team.

Do you offer remote work?

We believe in a hybrid working model that lets our employees work remotely twice a week. This way, we can strike a perfect balance between working from home and in-person collaboration.

Do you have other offices in Denmark?

Yes! We have an office in Odense and one in Aarhus.

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